Olywiz 710 Two Way Radio Professional Walkie talkie High/Low Power Switchable 1PACK

Price: $66.99

1 【Dual Band & Dual Time Slot】: 136-174MHz(VHF), 406-470 MHz(UHF); GTS710 Walkie Takie has both Tier I & II and is compatible with other radios 


2 【High Capacity Battery】: Up to 16 hours working time as well as 72 hours standby time, which is 30% longer than other FRS radio 


3 【More operations available via keypad】: Channel name, TX & RX frequency of a channel, display or hidden frequency, channel number etc , all these can be modified through the keypad of GTS710 


4 【Walkie Talkie Model】: GTS710 Walkie talkie is designed by the American radio expert, and we do our best to improve your user experience, Fan-shaped designed Speaker, Ergonomically designed arc-shaped outline to be comfortable and convenient for your palm holding 


5 【Use for】: floorwalker, adventure sports, outdoor activities, retail and manufacturing industries others, be suitable for most Two way radio fancier



Product description  
Style:1 PACK

•LCD Backlight can be used in dim environment.
•Auto Keypad Backlight (on/off) convenient to use in Dimly Environment •Shortcut Keys to Select Menu Function by Keypad.

•High / Low Transmitting Power can be manually set in Function Menu. Low transmitting power has an advantage in saving battery power,
while high transmitting power maximize signal longer the communication range.  

•VOX Function frees your hands, you do not need to set aside things to answer a call.

Product Features:

•High/Low Power Switchable, Let you adjust transmit power and conserve battery capacity
•Voice prompt •TOT Function(Transmit time optional)
•128 Channels with Scan Function, Clear Communication with Easy Button Access
•Emergency Alarm, Built in VOX function
•PTT ID(Caller ID), Keypad Lock Function
•50 Groups CTCSS/105 Groups DCS
•Busy Channel Lock to Avoid Disturbance
•FM Radio
•U-V, U-U, V-V Dual Frequency Display, Dual Frequency Standby

Technical specification:
•Frequency Range: 136-174MHz(VHF), 406-470 MHz(UHF)
•Output Power: 5W
•Capacity: 1400mAh
•Voltage: DC7.4V
•Appearance: Black
•Battery: Li-ion
•Dimensions: 62*127*35mm
•Weight: 218g
•Channel Number: 128