Two way Radio Earpiece Walkie Talkie Earphone K Plug with a PTT Mic Headset 1PACK

Price: $9.99
  • Advanced G Shape Police Earpiece Earphone Headset PTT(Push To Talk) with built-in line mic microphone
  • Clip this hands free earpiece onto your shirt and begin using your Olywiz radio device to communicate discretely and easily, whether you're in security, retail, or hospitality.
  • In-line microphone and push-to-talk button. The earbud fits snugly in the ear with easy and keeps your conversations private.
  • Excellent for use in police, military, nightclubs, bars, paintball, security, restaurants, hotels, bouncer, warehouses, and noisy environments.
  • Compatible with majority two way radios walkie talkie that required 2 pin plug.